Superstar Brush Soap Rose

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The Superstar brush soap has been specially developed to properly clean your face and body paint brushes and ensures that the elasticity and softness of the hairs are preserved. Suitable for all hair types. The soap has a pleasant lemon scent and is packed per 15 pieces of 4 grams.

After using your make-up brush, it is not only advisable from a hygienic point of view, but also for the preservation of your brushes to clean them properly. If you follow the steps below, you will enjoy your face- and body paint brush for a long time.

Rinse your brush under cold or lukewarm running tap water.
Gently run your brush back and forth over the brush soap so that the soap can get between the bristles of your brush. Do not go back and forth too roughly, but always rub with the hair.
Rinse your brush under cold or lukewarm tap water and gently rub the brush back and forth in your palm. Repeat this until no more paint comes out.
Gently pat your brush dry with a clean disposable cloth.
If necessary (for example when you will use your brush again the next day) you can disinfect your brush by immersing it in ethanol or isopropanol 70%.
Let your brush dry flat on a dry clean cloth. When you let your brush dry upright, moisture can flow back into the sleeve, causing the hairs to fall out and crack your wooden handle.
Store your brushes clean and dry.