Self-Adhesive 1” Metal Discs for Non-Magnetic Makeup Pans (10 Pack)

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Mehron's 1'' Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Discs are the solution to stick non-magnetic (aluminum or plastic) makeup pans to any magnetic palette including Mehron’s new magnetic palette. Existing pans can be made magnetic palette friendly for easy replacements or to customize palettes.
Diameter: 1 Inch (25mm).  Package contains 10pcs.


*Please note: All Paradise Makeup AQ .25 oz. Refills purchased on as of 4/26/21 do not require additional discs, they either include a disc or are made in a stainless steel pan.


How to use this product:

Peel off the paper backing and adhere to the bottom of any pan to create a magnetic bond. You can label the shade names on the magnetic sticker with a permanent marker to stay organized.