Brush Washer

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AIRTIGHT SEALED WITH RUBBER LINER INSIDE LID -The lid has a built-in rubber gasket that forms an air-tight, leak-proof seal, preventing the water from escaping, and keeping it from spilling out.

REMOVABLE INTERIOR CLEANING GRATE - This brush cleaner features a grate at the bottom of the cleaning chamber that allows paint sediment from your brushes to fall to the bottom of the outer pot. This helps keep the fluid fresh for the next use, saving you time and preserving your brushes. Airtight brush washer features a sturdy metal construction and will help you store and transport turps and mineral spirits safely. With its sealable lid which has a rubber gasket inside and clips securely closed, you can now take your water, and mineral spirit with you already in the bucket.

CLEANING BRUSHES THE BETTER WAY - The brush cleaner below features a removable screen cup that serves to separate paint sediment from cleaning or thinning fluid. A gentle back-and-forth motion against the bottom grate helps to clean bristles gently without damaging the filaments.

CONVENIENT STURDY PORTABLE BRUSH WASHER - This handy brush washer is excellent for keeping your brushes free of paint particles ensuring that you don't mess up your work. It has a sturdy handle that you can use to carry it around as well as attach it to your easel for easy access.